Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get Blog Traffic Statistics in your Mailbox

If you have a blog then you should know your visitor's behavior. Visitors not always comment in the blog. Then how shall you know the behavior. There is a solution offered by Google again. Google Analytics, a tool by which you can get many useful information about your blog readers or visitors. For example, the number of visits right at the moment (real time), daily, weekly, monthly etc.; the geographical location of the visitors; the device / Operating System / Browser they are using; how long they spend in your blog; almost every thing you can get from this wonderful tool. To use it is very simple. Sign up with your gmail id then you shall get a analytics code. Then put this code in your blog. This code tracks all these information.
Now Google Analytics offered a new service which is still in beta. An Email option which directly send the traffic report in your mail box. Its so nice. Nah!