Sunday, March 11, 2012

Facebook Timeline is Live from 18th March, 2012

Facebook officially transforms its looks into timeline view from 18th of March, 2012. So, you can take a tour or start your facebook account in timeline mode from now at What exactly this timeline offers?

1. You shall be starting your account with a cover image:
Your cover appears above your profile picture, and it's the first thing people see when they visit your timeline.
Choose a unique photo from your life to feature on your cover. Note: Just like profile pictures, your cover photos are public.
2. See everything in one place: 
This is where you'll find your info, photos, likes, apps and other stuff — all in one central place.
3. View all your activity:
Your activity log will list all your posts and activity since you joined Facebook. Go here to review things you're tagged in, change who sees individual stories and more.
4. Rediscover your top stories:
This is your timeline. It's your collection of your most memorable photos, events and experiences.
Scroll back to the beginning or jump to a specific time by clicking the dates along the right side of your timeline.
5. Highlight what is important:
Hover over the story as * to mark important and (.) to less important.
6. Add anywhere in the timeline view:
Click anywhere on your timeline to add updates, photos and stories about the places you visit. Or click Life Event to add experiences from the different parts of your life.

Its super cool. Enjoy. This is my timeline view of facebook account.