Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Post in Blogger Blog

This is a basic thing that a blogger should know. Let it be explained through pictures; "A Picture is worth a thousand words".
1. Sign in to your Blogger account. If you don't have, Get it started.

2. a) If you see the following like screen then you are in new look of blogger.

 b) If your screen look like the following then you are in old look.

3. If you are in old look then my advice is that you try new blogger interface.
4. Click the pencil icon as in picture of 2.a). This icon is for 'New Post'.
5. You will get the following screen.

6. Now give a title of your post. Then write the content in the space provided as follows:

7. As you can see there are many images in the above. To insert image click the picture button encircled in red as shown below:

8. You will see an window as shown below by which you can upload any image from your computer:

9. Click 'Choose Files' and select image you like to upload. After upload is complete click 'Add Selected'. The image will be visible in your post.
10. You can change the size of your image to large, larger, etc. as follows:

NB: You can also insert media files like audio, video etc in your post by clicking button next to the button as shown in the step 7.