Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Solved: Comments vanished in Static Pages of Blogger

Few days ago, I experienced a typical problem which was very severe in nature. All the comments vanished in the following static page of my blog.
There were more than 200 comments in the above static page. But unfortunately all the comments vanished. But comments in other posts were in existence. I was very confused; wrote to; but there was no fruitful result. So, at last, I decided to implement disqus in my blog. Accordingly I installed it following this link.
But I was really missing the comments features of blogger's own platform. One main reason, I do not like to store my comments in any other hosting service; disqus primarily provides a free service of commenting system with additional up gradation option which is a paid service. And major drawbacks, the comments will not be indexed. I may be wrong.
After that, I uninstalled disqus and, voila, my comments are back for static pages also. So, I am really thankful to disqus for correcting comment system in my highly customized template of my blog. Now I am happily enjoying the commenting system of blogger which is indexed by Google.