Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meta Description & Keywords in Blogger: Necessity

Adding meta description and keywords in Blogger is very much necessary for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well, meta description & keywords are two important things that play a vital role, that how search engine should display about the blog. A well defined meta description i.e. a piece of relevant information about the blog attracts traffic towards the blog. On the other hand, with no meta data, search engine may show some irrelevant information about the blog from any posts of it, which may not attract traffic towards the blog. Adding this is a simple task. Just add the following code in between <head> tag of your blogger template.
<meta content=' An effort to document the steps involved to become a successful blogger; Blogging Tips, Tricks, SEO, Widgets, Traffic, Alexa Ranking, Page Rank' name='description'/>
<meta content=' Blogging Tips, Tricks, SEO, Traffic, Alexa Ranking, Page Rank, Widgets, Page Rank ' name='keywords'/>

Off course you replace the text highlighted in red above, with your own and paste it just like as shown below:

Your meta description should be limited to 150 characters in length. Because beyond that limit the description will be truncated in search engine and can not be shown in search result. You can optimize the description length with Meta Tag Analyzer.